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    "the Breast Binder"
• Post Breast Specific Surgery
   and Diagnostic Procedures
• Post Cardiac Surgery
• Lymphedema in the Chest
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The pain and discomfort experienced by the new mother who is not nursing her newborn can be a serious problem.  Medi-Garb Company has developed "the Breast Binder" to bring relief and comfort to this problem.  Constructed of a soft and elastic material which breathes and stretches to provide comfort, "the Breast Binder" gives wonderful support and the needed restriction of movement to the engorged breast. Of course, the binding helps the drying up process.  With its hook and loop fabric closures at the front of the vest and on the adjustable straps, Mother can easily put it on and off by herself.

Hospitals using "the Breast Binder"  provide it to every patient who is not nursing the baby as part of their post-partum care.  "The Breast Binder" replaces suppressant drugs which previously were prescribed for non-nursing mothers.

We at Medi-Garb Company, Inc. believe that in general, both Mother and Baby are best served if the mother nurses the baby.  Therefore, it is our philosophy that breast feeding should be encouraged.  However we recognize that there are those mothers who cannot or do not wish to nurse.  We feel that these mothers deserve an equal and fair treatment for their needs as well.   It is for this reason that
"the Breast Binder" by Medi-Garb was developed.  When compared to a good sports bra, it has been found to be far superior and cost competitive.

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LYMPHEDEMA "Many times sports bras are recommended early on in treatment for truncal lymphedema.  But they often do not come up high enough under the arm pits and the front of the chest.  I could not find an adequate sports bra to meet my mother's needs.  The success of her manual lymph drainage performed by a physical therapist was due in large part to consistent use of "the Breast Binder", along with chip pads provided by the therapist.  I highly recommend "the Breast Binder" as a transitional compression garment for tuncal lymphedema when used early on in treatment."
Shirley Nelson, MA, MPH,
Community Health Educator

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